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Shahla Moomkesh

Date of Birth: 
January 10, 1985

Department of Mathematical Sciences,

Isfahan University of Technology,

Isfahan 8415683111, Iran.


Ph.D . in Mathematics 2010, Harmonic Analysis, Isfahan University of Technology,Iran. Thesis: Supervisor : Dr.Rasoul Nasr Isfahani M.Sc. in Mathematics 2007, Functional Analysis, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. Thesis: Sectorial operators and normalized numerical range . Supervisor : Dr.Mohamad-Taghi Jahandideh . B.Sc. in Mathematics 2005, Pure Mathematics, Isfahan University of Technology,Iran.
Graduate Taken courses : 
• Harmonic Analysis
• Functional Analysis
• Operator Theory
• Real Analysis
• Advanced Algebra
• Algebraic Topology.
Honors and Achievements: 
First rank among Analysis graduate students, Department of Mathematical Science, Isfahan University of Technology, 2007.

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